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7 baby items that are totally worth the money


My little one thoroughly enjoys being in an upright position, taking in the world around with curiosity. This booster seat has proven to be an ideal solution, enabling her to have a clear view of her surroundings. While I understand that there are more budget-friendly options available, this particular seat has demonstrated remarkable benefits for the development of my baby's hip health and overall posture.


Among all the items I used during the newborn stage, the lounger stood out as my absolute favorite. The way it gently curled up beside my baby seemed to bring her immense comfort. It proved to be an invaluable spot for placing her down while I tended to tasks around the house. Occasionally, she would even take short naps in the cozy embrace of the lounger, and I always made sure to remain close by whenever she did so, ensuring her safety and peace of mind.

Keekaroo Changing Pad

The Keekaroo is quite literally the perfect place to change your baby's diaper. It has a strong outer shell that helps keep the baby from rolling off the side (although caution is still advised.) My favorite thing about this changing pad is that it does not require a cover and its surface makes it super easy to clean. I love the texture as well because my baby does not slip on it!

Nursing pillow

I've experimented with various nursing pillows and found joy in each one of them! Given the numerous times I nurse throughout the day, my comfort is paramount. Having my nursing pillow has been an absolute blessing, allowing me to nurse in ease. I highly recommend using a pillow cover on top, as it's inevitable that your baby will have a little spit-up incident at some point in time.

Car Seat and Stroller

The array of choices with this product is truly remarkable. A car seat combined with a stroller often constitutes one of the most significant investments for a baby. If you're going to allocate your funds wisely, this is where you should consider directing them. Within my own family, we've opted for the maxi-cosi car seat and stroller. The versatility it offers with its various attachments is fantastic, and the fact that I can directly attach the car seat to the stroller is a game-changer. This feature comes particularly handy for our swift trips to the grocery store!


My baby loves the water and I just had to go big for this one! We have family who live on the lake and some other family who own a pool. We needed a sustainable floating device for our girl and she absolutely loves it. It is super secure and super cute! It even blocks the sun.


When choosing a diaper bag, I knew I wanted something that would last a long time and be used for other things. A friend of mine had this on her baby registry and I just knew I had to have one as well. Not only is it super cute, but extremely accessible. I feel comfortable carrying this bag around everywhere we go with our baby!

This to that...cheaper amazon finds!

Here are some alternative baby finds that you don't have to break the bank for :-)

Lounger Cover $52--> Amazon Lounger Cover $22

Ergo Baby Carrier~$200 --> Amazon Baby Carrier $50

Solly Wrap $70--> Amazon Wrap $25

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