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Baby shower of your dreams

Hosting showers for my friends is one of my absolute favorite things. I love to celebrate my people in all of their life stages. There is something so special about coming together with friends before your entire life changes. A baby shower is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your former life and celebrate what is to come. Themes can add a special touch to any event and make it memorable.

In my friend group, I'm known for going all out for parties. What can I say? I love a good theme. What I admire about most of these themes is that you can use them for other events such as bridal showers and first birthday parties. Right now, I'm in the season where all of my friends are having babies. Yay, babies! With that being said, here are some of my favorite baby shower themes. Below each theme, I let you in on some $$ saving tips. We all know how carried away we can get with these parties...

Garden Party

A beautiful classic. Flowers are the key element of this event. Flowers can be used for table decorations, party favors, dessert toppings, and flower crowns. You don't need much more than that really. I love the idea of having a lunch or dinner at a long table. It's gorgeous and a wonderful way for guests to mingle.

How to save money: Have your guests make flower bouquets and use them for the centerpieces. At the end of the shower, have your guests bring home their bouquet as a party favor.

Mamma Mia

Gimme, gimme, gimme all of this! I'm so in love with the ocean colors and Greek inspired decor. I haven't met a women who does not love Mamma Mia, so this is a winner for sure. I feel as though this theme would be fun to make invitations, menus, and signs for!

How to save money: Buy colorful vintage glasses at the thrift store. You can keep the glasses in your kitchen or give them away as party favors. Better yet, pass them on to your friends for their next event!

Peter Rabbit

This theme is unbelievably charming. If you love dreamy and elegant vibes, this is the theme for you! The blues and cream colors are my favorite.

How to save money: Use household items for decoration such as baskets, pillows, and plants.

Hundred Acre Wood

This baby shower gives off woodsy and nature vibes. There is so much you could do with this theme. Honey lavender lattes, mini picnic baskets as party favors, and tons of greenery!

How to save money: Use nature to decorate! Set up a backdrop in front of a tree or bushes. Pick some flowers and greenery nearby and lay them on the tables.

Little Lemon

A perfect spring baby shower. Flowers, fruit and bright colors. I love the beautiful simplicity of lemons. You could serve lemon cake, lemonade, or lemon drop cocktails to spice things up.

How to save money: Use fruit to decorate. Fruit is cheap and colorful!

Remember, you can also save on costs by asking friends to contribute to the party in some way, whether it's bringing a dish to share, helping with decorations, or assisting in organizing games. This way, the event becomes a collaborative effort and can be equally enjoyable for everyone involved. Comment below what some of your favorite baby showers themes are!

Photos and inspiration found on my pinterest!

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