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Welcome to my blog.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I'm so glad you're here.

A blog full of vulnerability, connection, and celebration.

Friends! Starting this blog has brought me so much joy. I hope and pray this page is an opportunity for women to connect with one another. Stick around if you enjoy reading about relationships, motherhood, wellness, and style.

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About the writer

I'm Lauren! My people call me Lo. I'm from good ole Kansas and currently live in the Kansas City area. I've worked in the schools as a paraprofessional and a 1st grade teacher for a few years. I loved how creative I could be when I was a teacher. I also dreamed of working with kiddos since I was young. I decided to step back from teaching after having my baby girl Finley in April. She is my passion and dream come true. I am so blessed I can stay home, grow, and learn with her. I couldn't do it without my best friend and hubby, Clay. To know Clay is to love him. He will make you laugh til your tummy hurts. He encourages me to bring my creative side to light. He is huge inspiration behind this blog and I'm sure you will be reading all about him in the future.

When I am not changing diapers or nursing my girl, I work for Numa Community Church as their Logistics and Connections Coordinator. I value community and this is a wonderful way for me to help people get connected to one. Navigating community and friendships has been challenging since getting married and having a child. However, it's so possible. There is so much grace and patience involved. My blog was heavily inspired from my faith in Jesus and my community that is deeply rooted in Him.

Picture from Delaney Hady Photography.

Stay connected...

In this blog, you will read all about my deepest passions. My blogs are my personal messages for you all to read. I may spice things up and share different things such as stay at home mom tips, party ideas, and style inspirations.

I invite you to leave comments and engage with one another in this space. Add your email at the bottom to receive my weekly newsletters. I'm so excited for us to get to know each other!

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